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WestJet Vacations

WestJet is a travel leader where inexpensive flights and travel in Canada are concerned. WestJet, as well as itravel2000, share a mutual objective to be the top choice for air travel and vacations for travellers from all areas of Canada. WestJet has enjoyed an impressive expansion in a relatively short amount of time. Since their inception in 1996, they have consistently added new and alluring travel destinations in their quest to be the number one choice for travelers searching for affordable, quality airfare choices.

Whether a person's vacation objective is a quiet weekend away from home to relax and unwind, or the goal is a lengthy, unique and enjoyable holiday, booking one of the many WestJet Vacation Packages offers a vast array of unique travel destinations and themed based holidays. WestJet features a broad range of scheduled flights, as well as quality vacation products and excellent customer service. These are available at WestJet vacation destinations in Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States, making customers feel like WestJet guests wherever they are!

WestJet Vacations Inc

A subsidiary of WestJet Airlines Ltd. This means customers can count on the identical, top notch service, and fantastic, friendly and enjoyable travel they are accustomed to experiencing with the airline. When visiting the other properties or participating in any of the terrific activities that are listed in the different brochures, customers will feel as catered for as they do with the airline itself.

WestJet Vacations Destinations

WestJet offers daily departures from ordinary life in exchange for the tropical beaches of Hawaii, the snow covered mountains of Whistler, or the stimulating nightlife of dazzling Las Vegas. One can enjoy the colorful and diversified culture of Montreal, the vast network of theme parks in Orlando, Florida, or the thriving, exciting city of Calgary. These are just a few of the incredible destinations available when one chooses to put their travel needs in the capable hands of WestJet.

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Online tours of various destinations are available for families who would like to compare different locations, and discover new ideas for vacation destinations. Some people may choose to visit an area they haven't seen for a while, anticipating something new and exciting just around the corner.

WestJet vacations offer an extensive schedule with many convenient flights throughout various locations in the network, as well as advantageous locations for connecting flights. This makes travel easy and hassle free, which are features that are to great importance to almost every traveller.

Vacation Deals

WestJet Vacations Package Deals

WestJet's primary goal is to provide customers with high quality travel in North America and the Caribbean, with something to fit every budget and lifestyle. A WestJet Vacation package guests can expect state of the art customer service, exceptional quality, a staff they can count on, and convenient arrangements for booking their reservations. Those who have used WestJet's services over the years know that this is the type of quality and service they have come to expect, and they are never disappointed.

With WestJet Vacations, travel plans can be exclusively designed to reflect the needs of each customer, and the different attractions and accommodations can be combined to customize each holiday package so that it meets the specific needs of the client. WestJet deals are created to assist the customer in comprehensive planning by helping them identify and fulfill their vacation objectives.

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Wesjet Vacation Products

WestJet Vacations can be relied on for superior service and state of the art products. Customers have complete confidence with their vacation choices due to the fact that itravel2000 Vacations experts have acquired top line quality choices from which to select a destination.

Westjet Flights

WestJet Vacation Facts

WestJet flights are currently offered to 71 different destinations throughout North America, featuring 31 cities throughout Cananda, as well as 17 United States locations.

The branch offering the highest number of daily departures is the WestJet's home base of Calgary International Airport. Next in line is Toronto Pearson International Airport with a main connection point located in eastern Canada.

WestJet has service to numerous major United States airports including Los Angeles International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport, some of which are utilized on a seasonal basis. This airline offers the most Canadian flights to Las Vegas and Orlando, featuring non-stop options from ten different Canadian metropolitan areas to Las Vegas and Orlando. (Some non-stop flights are offered on a seasonal basis.) Since 2008, WestJet has been the biggest international carrier flying into Las Vegas, with respect to the number passengers. WestJet serves 17 destinations in the Caribbean as well as six destinations in Mexico, some of which are on a seasonal basis, as well.

Starting in Calgary in 1996, and now offering over forty destinations throughout the North American Continent, WestJet's passion is to make travel affordable, convenient, and hassle free. There is nothing a vacationer likes better than to find a way around long lines, and endless waiting in an airport. One of their newest, and best loved features of WestJet vacations is an innovative self-serve check-in which is accomplished at kiosks located at many major airports. These allow the customer to bypass those dreaded lines utilizing the kiosk desk to print his or her own boarding pass and deposit luggage at the WestJet counter marked 'Baggage Drop'. In addition, their fleet of Boeings feature personal satellite televisions so that a customer can enjoy the option of channel surfing while in the air. All airplanes offer optimum leg room as well as exceptional overall comfort, so that traveling to one's destination is as luxurious as being there.

The term 'WestJet Seat Sales' refers to the consistently affordable rates that have helped to make them famous. WestJet refuses to compromise their guest's safety or comfort, and holds themselves to the highest standards in the industry. Vacationers will be happy to discover why millions of Canadians rank WestJet as one of the number one suppliers for all their vacation needs!