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Japan, known worldwide, as the country of the Rising Sun, is home to some of the world’s most picturesque places, a rich culture and a long history. Japan is home to no less than 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Full of contrasts, cutting edge technology, traditional values, it offers so many different experiences that attract tourists from all corners of the world. Pristine natural scenery, the famous Mount Fuji, a blend of beautiful temples, shrines, and gardens, a very efficient public transportation, friendly people, these are just a few reasons why you must visit Japan!

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Millennium back-to-back Asian cruise

Cruise Tokyo-Singapore and Singapore-Mumbai

Affordable Japan

Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Hiroshima, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka

$3099 starting per person

Japan Highlights with private guides

Private Tour - Tokyo - Mt.Fuji - Hakone - Kyoto Promo book

$6659 starting per person

Basic Tokyo

Experience cosmopolitan Japan

$1145 starting per person

Basic Tokyo & Kyoto

Discovering the contrasts of modern Japan and historical Japan.

$2099 starting per person

Quaint and Charming Japan

Discover another side of Japan with its many historic and quaint villages.

$3019 starting per person