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Group Vacation FAQs

I want to plan a group vacation. Where do I start?

The easiest way to start planning group travel is to contact one of our Group Travel Experts to explore your options. If you already have a good idea of what you're looking for, try our group quote request form. Once submitted, someone will be in touch with you by the next business day.

What kind of group can I book with you?

We can assist with any type of group booking – weddings, student, corporate/incentive, cruise, family, special interest – no matter where you are going or who you are going with, our Group Travel Experts can help you book it all!

What is the minimum number of people to make a group booking? Is there a maximum?

The minimum number of people you need to take advantage of all the benefits of group travel varies slightly by tour operator:

  • Air Canada Vacations – 10 or more people, including children
  • Transat Holidays – 10 or more adults
  • Nolitours – 10 or more adults
  • Sunquest Vacations – 8 or more people, including children
  • Sunwing Vacations – 10 or more adults
  • Signature Vacations – 10 or more adults
  • WestJet Vacations – 20 or more people, including children (10 or more hotel rooms)

As for a maximum, there isn’t one as long as space is available. We've helped organize events with 300 guests or more!

Do kids qualify as members of a group?

It varies by tour operator but there are definitely ones where kids qualify as a member of your group as far as accessing the various benefits of travelling as a group. Give one of our Group Experts a call to find out more.

Can my group leave from different cities?

Yes, of course. There just needs to be a flight available out of the origin city and we can set it all up. Some tour operators require a minimum of 10 adults departing out of one gateway, and once that is fulfilled we can look into different departure cities for other guests. Call us to find out more.

Can we all take the same flight?

Yes, we can certainly arrange that, depending on availability. If you have a large group, try to book as early as possible to ensure you are all able to get on the same flight.

Can we have rooms that are close together?

We will certainly work closely with the tour operator and/or the hotel itself to find you rooms that are close together, but it really depends on the hotel’s availability, which is beyond our control.

I have an incentive group – can you help with our travel arrangements?

Yes, we can assist with every type of group, including incentive travel. Simply email us at vip@itravel2000.com and we will get to work on it right away!

Can you help me organize a work conference on a cruise?

Yes, definitely! Our dedicated Cruise Experts will be happy to assist you. In fact, they will take care of everything, so that you can relax and enjoy the trip. We can help you set up your group’s conferences, cocktail parties, gala evenings or other private events on board the ship. We also sell flights, pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, transfers, excursions, etc.

Who acts as key contact and organizer for my group?

One designated group leader should be assigned to coordinate and communicate all relevant aspects of the group. Our Group Travel Expert will work directly with that person, who will communicate and coordinate on behalf of all members of the group.

What if more people want to join my group later on?

New people can certainly join your group, however unless otherwise advised, anyone joining into the group following the original booking date is subject to new rates. Original rates are valid for number of passengers booked at time of initial contract.

Can I apply a Price Drop Guarantee to my group booking?

If the tour operator you've selected offers a Price Drop Guarantee on group bookings (not all do), you can certainly apply it to your group. Talk to one of our Group Travel Experts to find out what options are available.

Who should I contact when I am ready to book my group vacation?

If you choose to book with us the Groups Travel Expert who provided you with the quote will manage all aspects of booking, including issuing of a contract, coordination of names all and any other request that you may have.

Why do I need to sign a group contract?

A contract serves as confirmation that a booking has taken place, it also serves to confirm all relevant terms and conditions pertaining to the booking process, as well as reminders of several critical dates where action is required, such as names, payments, finalization of files, penalties, etc.

Do we need travel and/or medical insurance?

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance, whether you are travelling as a group or as an individual. Our Group Travel Expert can tell you all about our GoWise insurance options and recommend the coverage that is best for you.