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Vienna Flights

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Vienna Flights

To secure the most affordable flights to Vienna, it is best to book well in advance. As the capital city of Austria, Vienna is a city that sees tourists year-round, making the supposed non-tourist season still a busy one.

Vienna flights from Canada can be direct or non-direct, depending on the airline you choose to travel with. The majority of the time non-direct flights are the most reasonably priced option. A non-direct flight is one that connects through another city, typically another European city in the case of Vienna flights. Austrian Airlines is the preferred airline for most travellers to Vienna, but several other Scheduled Air Carriers serve the city including: Air Canada, British Airways, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and LOT to name a few. Air Canada, Lufthansa and of course Austrian Airlines all offer direct flights from Toronto to Vienna. Ask your Travel Professional to price both direct and non-direct flights when booking. While a direct flight can be more costly, it may be worth it to avoid connecting in another city and be wandering the streets of Vienna sooner.

Vienna is home to one airport, the Vienna International Airport. It is located approximately 18kms from the Vienna city centre, in Schwechat county. Upon arrival travellers will have many options for transferring to the city:

  • The City Airport Train, CAT, is a nonstop service from the airport to central Vienna, Wien Mitte Station. The transfer takes just 16 minutes total, and is available from 5:38am until 11:35pm daily. Departures from Wien Mitte Station are every 8 and 38 minutes past the hour. Departures from the airport are every 5 and 35 minutes past the hour.
  • S-Bahn/Suburban Railway is a very affordable transfer option. Service takes approximately 25 minutes from the airport to Wien Mitte Station in Vienna and vice versa. Departures from Wien Mitte begin at 4:31am and are every 30 minutes. Departures from the airport begin at 4:54am and are every 30 minutes.
  • Vienna Airport Lines provides service between the airport and the main transportation hubs in Vienna. International buses are also available from the airport to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
  • Taxi hire is located outside of the arrivals hall, through a variety of companies. Taxis can be pricey, so it is advised to use one of the many train or bus transfer services.

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