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The Netherlands

Travel to The Netherlands


Netherlands at a Glance

Delft blue pottery, Anne Frank’s diary, Van Gogh paintings, wooden clogs, brightly colored tulips, vibrant nightlife and rustic windmills, these are just a few of the Netherland’s most iconic symbols. The country is known for its incredibly happy residents and liberal way of thinking. With enchanting villages, thriving metropolises and pleasant towns, the Netherlands is a remarkable country unlike any other Worldwide.

There are countless cities in the Netherlands that should not be missed, including:

  • Amsterdam: As the Netherlands’s capital city, Amsterdam delights with 17th century canals, famous art collections, world-leading architecture, Heineken beer and so much more. See our Amsterdam page to learn more information.
  • Rotterdam: With the largest port in Europe, many of Rotterdam’s attractions centre around the water including tours of De Rotterdam, the largest vessel ever built in the Netherlands.
  • The Hague: The political capital of the Netherlands, The Hague is also an impressive city for families with theme parks, beaches and other great kid-friendly attractions.
  • Utrecht: Referred to as ‘Holland’s Cultural Treasure Trove’, this University town is known for its architecture, squares, canals and museums.
  • Maastricht: Located along the shores of the Meuse River, Maastricht is famous for its elaborate network of underground passageways built and used between 1575 and 1825.

Netherlands Essential Facts

  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Driver’s License: A valid Canadian drivers license as well as an International Driving Permit are required.
  • Entry Requirements: A valid Canadian passport.
  • GMT Time: +2hrs. Daylight savings time is observed.
  • Languages: Dutch, although English is widely spoken.
  • National Airlines: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • Population: Approximately 16,612,213.
  • Electricity: 230volts, 50HZ.
  • Departure Tax: No departure tax to be paid locally.
  • Taxes: The Value Added Tax on most goods and services is 19%. Refunds can be requested when you spend a set amount, in the same store on the same day and if you are not a resident of the European Union. You must get a Retail Export Form from the store, have customs stamp your form upon your departure and then mail it in for your refund once you are home.
  • Tipping: When dining in restaurants, law requires the service charge to be included in the meal. If you feel the service was exceptional, an additional 10% of the meal total is normal. Bellboys and porters usually receive $1 per bag, and chambermaids $2 per day.
  • Climate: The climate in Netherlands is that of a Maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. The average temperature in January is 2°C and 19°C in July.

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