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Baggage Information

Information on Sunwing baggage allowances and restrictions will allow you to check in for your Sunwing flight with ease. Please read over the Sunwing policies below to ensure your baggage does not exceed the allowed weight and sizes on Sunwing flights.

Baggage Allowance Maximum Weight Maximum Size (L + W + H)
Carry on Baggage 5 kg*
(11 lbs)
51 cm x 23 cm x 40 cm
(20 in x 9 in x 16 in)
Checked Baggage - Elite Fare 20 kg
(44 lbs)
Max Size 158 cm (62 in)
Checked Baggage - Elite Plus 30 kg
(66 lbs)
Max Size 158 cm (62 in)

*Baggage exceeding either this weight or size must be checked. Only one carry-on bag per person is allowed.

Each checked-in piece must weigh less than 32 kg (70 lbs). (This is for safe working conditions for all baggage agents.)

Excess baggage charges will apply once the checked baggage weight of 20kg for Elite passengers (30kg for Elite Plus) is exceeded.

Advanced purchase of excess baggage through Sunwing will be treated as part of the baggage allowance.

Please note that excess baggage will be accepted on a standby basis; weight and space permitting. On longer duration flights, excess baggage may not be accepted subject to weight limitations.

Irregular Items
If you are planning to take certain irregular items such as sporting equipment including golf clubs, bicycles, scuba gear, etc., or musical instruments, these items must be properly prepared for check-in and shipping in the hold of the aircraft, and should not exceed the weight limitations stipulated. The proper container in which the equipment is packed may not contain any other goods other than the sporting goods or instrument themselves and associated paraphernalia (excluding clothes).

Please note, irregular items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments may not be substituted for the free personal baggage allowance. Also, any unused weight within the irregular items allowance may not be transferred or used toward personal baggage allowance, 20kg Elite (30kg Elite Plus).

Please note that information is subject to change. For further details, please contact Sunwing.


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