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Travel To Spain

Warm and exotic, Spain is not exactly what you would describe as a traditional European country. The relaxed lifestyle and friendly inhabitants, coupled with its cuisine, vibrant nightlife and world-famous festivals, give the country a vibe that is reminiscent of Central or South America.

The country is home to the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe – everything from walled towns, to historic cities, prehistoric rock sites, Roman ruins, island biodiversity and national parks can be found in Spain.

Cultural tourism is growing in popularity, from literature to painting, music to architecture, theatre to sumptuary arts. As a result, Spanish cinema is thriving with events such as the San Sebastian and Valladolid Cinema Festivals becoming a draw for international visitors.

We can never forget many of the things Spain is often most noted for. The Running of the Bulls at Pamplona, an adrenaline pumping challenge not for the faint of heart. Articulated Berber-Islamic architecture, known as Moorish architecture, in Andalucian cities like Seville, Granada and Cordoba. The idyllic Balearic and Canary Islands, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of sunshine. Renowned works of art from Gaudi (Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited sights in Barcelona), Dali and Picasso.