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itravel2000 lowest price guarantee
It’s simple, let us help you
get the prices you deserve

At itravel2000 we’ve renewed our “Lowest Price Guaranteed or It’s Free” promise to help you get to your preferred destination for less – at the quality you deserve. So give us the challenge: search for the best price you can find and call us with the details. If we can’t match or beat the price, it’s free.

How does the guarantee work?
It’s easy! Follow these simple steps
to get the lowest price
Search online for your vacation
Call our travel experts
1.866.WOW.DEAL (969.3325)
If we can’t match the price or beat it, it's free

These must all be identical to qualify your package vacation
tour operator/supplier
departure airport
travel dates and times
flight numbers
class of service
room category
meal plan

Above is an example of non-qualifying vacation product No match? Sorry, no deal. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to:
advertising errors
Air Miles® offerings
Aeroplan® offerings
group prices
prices available due to membership of a group or corporate entity or subscription
to a closed group are excluded
wholesaler prices
consolidator prices
government prices
bereavement prices
military prices
corporate prices
prices included in a package holiday
prices where the suppliers or itinerary details are unknown until after the purchase or bookings

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