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Kingston Vacations

Kingston at a glance

This capital city is Jamaica’s largest, divided into the old Downtown region and New Kingston, with a natural harbour on one end and sand spit at another. The city is as natural as it is developed, being home to a large population of people of African descent along with Chinese and East Indian groups. Kingston is in a way the heart of all that represents modern Jamaica, with 32 heritage sites such as the Port Royal, the Liberty Hall and the Ward Theatre. It is the best place for a traveller to Jamaica to be, since it is affordable and exotic, along with having prime samples of excellent Jamaican cuisine!

Things to Do in Kingston

Kingston is unique because of what it means to Jamaican heritage and history. The city is almost 400 years old and is home to heritage sites that include the city’s top attractions.

These are some of the city's top rated sights:

  • Hiking in the Blue Mountains. Hiking in these mountains is the perfect way to spend a day, providing a contrast to lying around on a relaxing beach with an exhilarating adventure.
  • National Gallery. The best way to find out more about Jamaican art dating from the 1920s to the present.
  • Bob Marley Museum. Once the home of the legendary reggae musician, this museum displays Marley’s belongings, instruments and other artifacts.
  • Fort Clarence Beach. Lying on a Jamaican beach is always an experience in itself and this beach includes fishing activities and excellent seafood.
  • National Dance Theatre. If you happen to be in Jamaica when the national dance troupe is performing, the outstanding costumes and choreography are not something you should miss out on!
  • Institute of Jamaica. This institution pieces together Jamaica’s rich and vibrant cultural history as well as its art, displayed in fascinating exhibits open to the public.

Good to know about Kingston Here are some practical travel tips to have an enjoyable stay in Kingston

  • Climate - This city has a tropical climate that ensures plenty of rainfall from May to November. The temperature throughout the year remains fairly moderate and consistent, at between 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • City Transportation - Kingston can be travelled by taxi or on a minibus.
  • Accommodation- The city has a multitude of hotels, some on the beach to best provide a tropical, relaxing experience and with options to suit the budget of every traveller. Top rated hotels include The Knutsford Court Hotel and the Strawberry Hill Resort Kingdom
  • Eating Out - Jamaican cuisine is exemplified by Kingston food, which is a perfect blend of African, European, Indian and Chinese food and flavors. The dishes use unprocessed food with portions of fish, beans and vegetables, making the food both delicious and healthy.

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