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Exploring the rolling green hills of Ireland has been on your life’s ‘must-do’ list for years. Now that it’s time to go, you need to learn more about Ireland flights and which airport is the ideal starting point for your adventure.

We can help make this decision a little easier for you. International flights from Canada arrive and depart from one of two Republic of Ireland airports: Dublin or Shannon.

Dublin Airport (Aerfort Bhaile Atha Cliath in Irish) is located approximately 10 kms north of the city centre. Charter air carriers and scheduled air carriers serve the airport from Canada. Routinely, charter air carriers are the go-to airline for affordable Ireland flights, but they do have a few drawbacks. Charters do not operate year-round but rather seasonally, usually from April or May to September or October, and flights are not available every day of the week. As long as your travel dates are not set in stone, a charter air carrier should work for you. If your vacation time is set, and a charter does not line-up with travel dates then a scheduled air carrier will be for you. These airlines have flight service to Dublin Airport year-round, and fly most every day of the week. While charter air carriers normally have the most affordable airfares, it is advised to work with our travel experts to check both types of airlines for the best possible rates.

Dublin Airport is well-connected to the city with transfer options that include bus, coach and taxi or car hire. With such a convenient location, transferring from airport to city centre is quite affordable no matter what option you select.

Shannon Airport (Aerfort Na Sionainne in Irish) is located approximately 24 kms from Limerick and 22 kms from Ennis. Charter air carriers from Canada serve the airport on a seasonal basis, April or May to September or October and flights are not available every day of the week. The airport is well-connected to all of the major cities in the Republic of Ireland via bus. Taxi hire is available, but given the distance to nearby cities, can be expensive. Ask our travel experts for an overview of charter flights to Shannon.

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