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Greece Flights

Greece is home to many International and Regional airports, found on both the mainland and islands. While the country has numerous airports to select from, travellers from Canada almost always choose the Athens airport for their Greece flights. This is partly due to the face that some of the other airports are only accessible through Low-Cost Carriers operating service to Greece from other destinations in Europe.

Here is a quick overview of the most popular airports in Greece. Speak with our Travel Experts to learn more about these and other airports that will best suit your itinerary and budget.

  • Athens International Airport is located approximately 30kms east of Athens and serves both the city and the region of Attica. It is the busiest airport in Greece, and in 2011 it was the 30th busiest airport in Europe. The airport is served by a whole host of Scheduled Air Carriers as well one Charter Air Carrier, Air Transat. Typically, the most affordable Greece flights are offered through Charter Air Carriers, in the case of Athens, Air Transat. While these flights are usually very reasonably priced, they do have some restrictions. Charter Air Service is usually only available during peak tourist season (May/June to September/October) and does not have daily departures. Scheduled Air Carriers that operate service to the Athens International Airport include: Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International and US Airways. Flights to Athens can be direct or non-direct, depending on the airline you are travelling with. Non-direct flights typically route through another major European gateway. To learn more about the Athens International Airport see our dedicated Athens flights page.
  • Chania International Airport is the airport serving the Greek Island of Crete. It is located near Souda Bay, on the Akrotiri Peninsula, approximately 14kms from the city of Chania. The airport is only served by Scheduled Air Carriers including: Air Canada, Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Alitalia. Flights to the Island of Crete are not direct and will generally have one connection through another major European gateway.
  • Rhodes International Airport is the third busiest airport in all of Greece. It is located near the village of Paradisi and approximately 14kms from the Island’s capital, Rodos. Many Scheduled Air Carriers serve the Rhodes International Airport including: BMI, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, American Airlines, Swiss International, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and Air Canada. Rhodes flights are not-direct and will require at least one, sometimes two connections through another major gateway.
  • Thessaloniki International Airport is also referred to as the Macedonia International Airport. It is located approximately 15kms southeast of the city of Thessaloniki, near Kalamaria. Only Scheduled Air Carriers serve this airport from Canada, including: Swiss International, Delta Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. There are no direct flights to Thessaloniki from Canada, all flights will connect through at least one other major gateway.

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