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Austria Hotels

There are many options for travellers looking to make hotel reservations in Austria. Some of the most popular choices include Hotels, Chalets, Villas, Apartments and wonderfully restful Alpine Spas.

Hotels are available everywhere throughout the country, in cities, towns and villages. Everything from basic 1star properties, to elaborate 5star hotels and everything in between can be reserved. Many of the World’s leading chains including Hilton, Marroitt and Holiday Inn have offerings in the most popular tourist cities. Independent hoteliers also have options in the popular tourist areas as well as in the ski areas and many smaller destinations of Austria. Hotels provide some of the most affordable accommodation offerings when vacationing in Austria, particularly when travelling to many cities during one stay.

Other popular rental options in Austria are Chalets, Villas and Apartments. These selections tend to be quite common when visiting countryside locales or skiing in the Austrian Alps. Chalets, Villas and Apartments can be ideal for families and large groups as they are outfitted with the conveniences of home such as kitchen appliances, laundry facilities and entertainment equipment. Plus, each one typically includes all the needed bed linens, cutlery, dishes, and cooking utensils you could ever need. In addition, these types of properties can be rented with multiple bedrooms, anything from a studio to 5 bedrooms or more. Chalets, Villas and Apartments become a very affordable option when booked for a week or more at a time. They can be pricey if booked for smaller durations.

For an exceptional vacation experience, ask your Travel Professional about spending a night or two in an Alpine Spa. Centered in the county’s of Carinthia, Salzburg, Tirol and Vorarlberg, these resorts will help to revitalize your body, mind and soul. Alpine Spas use ingredients sourced directly and exclusively from the Austrian Alps, and with just one treatment you will begin to feel renewed. This combined with the benefits of altitude and fresh air, and you will return from your Austrian vacation with a healthy glow that will have everyone paying you endless compliments.

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