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Would you love to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World? Or maybe the world’s tallest self supporting tower? How about the world’s largest city? If mammoth structures are not your style then how about seeing artifacts of the Ming Dynasty still majestically preserved. Or how about just simply diving into a completely different culture filled with so many unique flavors your taste buds are ready to jump out of your mouth! This continent is an immense land rich with people, cities and history. An area that is uniquely diverse in both religion and culture. This is Asia.

Asia is undoubtedly the largest of all continents covering close to 9% of the earth’s total surface area. The vast regions span from Indonesia to parts of Russia from Pakistan to Japan. It also boasts the most populous countries in the world with a total population that is quickly approaching 4 billion people. So if you enjoy visiting large cities with a rich culture and great nightlife, why not give Seoul, South Korea, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or Bangkok, Thailand a try. Now Asia isn’t just a place to enjoy large cities and a healthy night life. There is also a multitude of diverse ethnicities and religious beliefs, which all helped shape Asia’s rich history. This is especially visible in countries such as India, China and Malaysia. But none, perhaps in the world, compare to Nepal where an interweaving of multiple beliefs creates a unique example of religious tolerance and harmony.

Booking a trip to Asia can be as peaceful as some of it countries. Most major airlines flying out of Toronto and Vancouver have non-stop or minimal stop flights at a very reasonable cost. Having a tour company book your vacation package allows you to leave details like booking flights, accommodations, and car rentals to your travel agent but allow for exploration at your individual speed.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a fantastic way to see parts of Asia is by way of bicycle tours. Biking is a great way to explore destinations and get close to people in the countryside or to take in the astonishing sights and sounds Asia has to offer. There are many countries that offer bike tours as either an escorted or self guided excursion. So make your way to discover a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with brand new surprises around every corner. Hop on a flight and find your way to breathtaking scenery and immense cities. Expose yourself to Asia.

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