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Amsterdam at a Glance

There is never a dull moment in Amsterdam. Year-round festivals, bustling markets and vibrant nightlife are somehow perfectly combined with rich architecture, World-renowned works of art and historically significant artifacts. Amsterdam delights travellers year-round, but in the summertime when everyone is out & about and sidewalk cafes are thriving, the city is particularly enticing.

Not to be missed From its museums, to markets and everything in between, these are some of the city’s most favoured sites:

  • Canal Cruises: With 165 canals, a couple of hours on the water is a must! Choose from afternoon, open-air jaunts, or romantic candlelit evening cruises. No matter which you select, you’ll be treated to a different view of Amsterdam and a little bit of its rich history.
  • Schreisrstoren: This is the oldest defense tower in Amsterdam, dating back as far as 1480. It is the place where sailors kissed their wives goodbye before departing for places unknown. Most notably, Henry Hudson left from here in 1609, before arriving in New Amsterdam (today’s New York) and naming the Hudson River.
  • Rembrandthuis: Tour the house of Holland’s most renowned artist, seeing approximately 250 of his etchings, the workroom where his etchings were printed and of course his studio.
  • Anne Frank House: Visit the attic space where Anne Frank and her family were hidden during the second World War, and where her famous diary was written.
  • Beer Sampling: The home of Heineken (visit the Heineken Experience) and many other small local breweries, Amsterdam’s beer scene is phenomenal. Here, brew-enthusiasts can sample everything from pilsners to fruity white beers. Visit the De Prael brewery to sample their on-site brew and local Dutch cuisine.

Uniquely Amsterdam One of the Netherland’s most iconic symbols is its blue and white pottery, known as Delftware. But did you know this pottery originated due to the popularity of Chinese Ming porcelain? Working to save their trade in the early 1600s, Dutch potters began to imitate the in-demand Asian porcelain thus giving birth to Delftware. Today the pottery is immensely popular with tourists, and almost every house in the Netherlands has at least one piece proudly displayed.

Good to know about Amsterdam These are the Practical Details you should know before departing for this canal city:

  • Climate: With the North Sea to the west, Amsterdam exhibits an oceanic climate. Summers tend to be cool, winters mild and precipitation falls throughout the year.
  • City Transportation: Many of Amsterdam’s key attractions are centrally located to one another, making walking the best way to explore. But when your feet have had enough, the city has an extensive public transportation network consisting of metros, buses, trams, ferries, bike rentals and trains to get around.
  • Accommodation: Stay in a botel, or in a building from the 17th century. See Amsterdam hotels for more information.
  • Eating Out: Modern Dutch cooking has become the rage, with many restaurants serving up a new take on old classics. The city also offers many International eateries, fast food joints and casual cafes.

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